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And now, :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0
this is not my suicide.
this is not my suicide. this is just the death of a body. i died long ago, slowly murdered by the time, grime and concrete. this is simply a release, simply my answer, NO i will not& you cannot make me. this is not my suicide...
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 1 4
clover. :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 3 0
i didnt look for your truck
when i drove by.
in fact,
i didnt even think to turn my head.
it didnt dawn on me
until i realized i hadnt done it.
there was no urge
to turn around
  to start over
there was no longing
for what could have been.
he took my hand
and i didnt pretend it was yours.
i didnt shy away
from the warmth
  [your hands were always
so cold]
in fact,
i just let him love me.
it didnt scare me like
it used too,
  and im slowly learning
to love him back -
not for what i pretend he is
[which is you]
but for what he really is,
which is what you always lacked.
i realized im ok.
in fact,
i realized i will be ok.
today, tomorrow, the next day, the next…
i didnt look for your truck
when i drove by.
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 3
because, honestly,
ive forgotten happiness.
thats why i love you.
you make me remember
you force me to see.
this smile isnt fake,
doesnt feel like plastic,
cracking when you look away.
is why i love you.
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 1 5
concert love. :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 2 converse love :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0
its not ok.
no its not
its not ok
&neither am i
but thats just how it goes;
fucked up
pulls you down
&im down
down on my goddamn knees
begging to your eyes
thru my baby black&blues
[[one less bruise
one less alibi]]
&then i realize...
youre not him.
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0
his eyes.
you would have had his eyes.
of this, i am certain.
as clear and blue
as the mid-july sun.
maybe your hair would have been blonde,
like mine.
hopefully it would have been curly,
like my mothers.
your grandmother.
you would have loved her.
i say hopefully.
i dont mean that to say
i wouldnt have loved you
just the way you are.
id give anything,
to sit up all night
rocking you back and forth,
to hear you cry
to see you grow
to watch you struggle
   and overcome
to succumb and be human.
it would be His
if i could have this one wish.
you would have had his eyes.
of this, i am certain.
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rippedjeansfadedlove :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 3 0 DC :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 1 0
to you.
this is the part
where i pour my heart out
to your eyes,
begging through mine
to have your ears,
for i will never
be good enough
for your heart.
just a shoulder
that doesnt shy away.
just hands
that dont flinch
when they touch me.
just a heart
that doesnt go cold.
just love.
[i dont ask for much
when i give so freely]
even if its just a lie,
pretend until i fall asleep
and slip away,
leaving the ghost of your heart
beating next to mine.
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 1 7
Lost and forgotten
beaten down and broken,
I hide from my life
in other people's arms...
"he loves me
he loves me not"
reverbrates inside my head,
in time with the beating of my heart.
Gone forever
are the thoughts
and dreams
that revolved around you...
Everything around me
blurrs into one...
Tears of what could have been
should have been,
but wont be,
blocking out
what is real
until I cant find that line...
Three little lines
mocking me,
staring me in the face
screaming everytime
I draw my eyes away,
just to bring them back...
No, nothings wrong,
but then a simplier
thing to say would be
nothings ever right...
He loves me
he loves me not...
:iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0
dont look at me
ill infect you
with my disease;
the one that
runs through my veins;;
the one that
eats through my soul
     [[like acid]]
dont touch me
the dirt thats on
my hands
will stain your
white shirt,
eat through the threads
and burn your
pure skin....
dont love me
the smile thats behind my eyes
is a lie
a mask
a fake...
dont let me fool you.
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defeat. :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0 drive my soul :iconpoeticfeet:poeticfeet 0 0



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lets try this again;

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Personal Quote: little by little, day by day.
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flit, in and out, back and forth.

Maybe this time will stick.


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